Welcome to green point.

demystifying cannabis for well-being.

Everything you wanted to know about cannabis but were afraid to ask, answered by experts at live Bay Area events.

Now that cannabis is legal in California, it’s a bit like the “wild, wild west.” We’re here to help guide you with informative events that cut through the confusion and the hype.

You may be wondering what role cannabis can play in your own health and wellness. Yet figuring out what’s right for you—let alone entering a dispensary for the first time—can feel overwhelming and intimidating.

That’s why we’re creating events with a variety of experts on an array of topics, from pain management to personal enjoyment. We’ll separate the facts from the fiction and the science from the hype about the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, as well as provide guidance on where and how and what to buy.

Cannabis has been claimed to relieve pain, anxiety, exhaustion and, of course, improve your sex life. But is it really capable of all that?

We bring in the scientists, doctors, botanists, chemists, distillers, authors, producers, yogis and professors to help get to the bottom of it all. And ultimately we’ll help you figure out whether and if this so-called “miracle drug” is really right for you.

Join us at one of our events as we explore the possibilities that cannabis offers. Let us know what cannabis topics interest you. We’ll find the experts and bring them to you!

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